Depends on the best moment Holding or Trading

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After the bitcoin lost the support of 6,000 dollars and reached around 4,000, then there was a rebound and back to the downside, has been favorable for traders who have taken advantage of these movements to get some profit, others in return have had as a preference to hold and wait for the market to consolidate betting on bitcoin and adoption of technology, in any case neither is wrong both holders and traders have good reasons and not only happens in the market crypto the same happens in traditional bags.


This is a market that moves because of the speculators that is why it has that degree of volatility and the traders have intelligently achieved a lot of profitability thanks to that volatility, I do not think that because of them is that the bitcoin or the altcoins have lost what they have lost in capitalization and price in the last year, on the other hand those who have wanted to hold trust in the future of this market have had very good reasons, for example who bought in January 2017 at 1,000 dollars a bitcoin right now has 4 Sometimes its value, it is also to understand that whoever bought it at the crest of the wave at the end of 2018 is now worried without knowing when he will see his investment multiply.

It´s also likely that those who entered this market at that time did not know how such a volatile market worked and considered that this would continue to grow that the technology was ready and it turns out not, that even if we want or not the market lacks in terms of regulation, in terms of functionality, in terms of scalability and that is why it has fallen and is normal, but if you are desperate is because you invested money that you needed or risking capital that was not your own, what is true is that you lose until you close the position of there is the illusion of hold hold and wait for this to recover and then make decisions.

That is something that may take a long time since there is no exact date, the bitcoin took eight years to reach 20 thousand dollars and only one to lose more than 80% of the value, if you are holding because you do not want to lose money it's good that you holdees maybe you entered this because you are a person who wants to use the adoption of bitcoin and you want them as an asset that holds value, the trader sees it in another way that is also valid and has its advantages as they know how and where to sell and buy to take profits, manage their risks and it is something that will not stop happening is how all the markets work, the best thing is perhaps to have a portfolio in hold and another portfolio with which to trade.