Miss America to end its swimsuit segment during annual competition

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The almost extremely old Miss America rivalry will drop its outstanding bathing suit rivalry this year and will never again judge competitors in light of their physical appearance, a best association official said on Tuesday.

The occasion, established as a bathing suit magnificence expo expected to attract guests to Atlantic City toward the finish of the late spring, will never again call itself an "event," in an offer to modernize its picture when the #MeToo development has shone a brutal light on unavoidable sexual separation and provocation in American life.

"We are not any more an expo, we are an opposition. We will never again judge our applicants on their outward physical appearance. That is colossal," Gretchen Carlson, seat of the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization said on ABC News' "Great Morning America."

Carlson, a previous champ of the 97-year-old challenge, said in an announcement that judges would rather center around contenders' grant, ability and social effect.

The bathing suit rivalry will be supplanted by a board meeting of candidates, the gathering said in an announcement.

ABC, possessed by the Walt Disney Co, communicates the opposition, which will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sept 9 this year.

The gathering's best authority surrendered in December following media reports that previous administrators had sent lustful messages about past victors.

The challenge will likewise never again judge ladies amid the night outfit segment of the opposition, rather reassuring hopefuls to utilize the occasion to express their own style.

"We're encountering a social unrest in our nation with ladies finding the boldness to stand up and have their voices heard on numerous issues," Carlson said. "Miss America is glad to advance."


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