Milia shows the way for women to become professional drivers

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Milia Khanam, a lady from Narail, has set a case for ladies by demonstrating her mastery to end up an expert driver.

She has packed away an administration work at the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection or DNCRP as a driver, in the wake of being in the calling for a long time.

The twofold lodge get utilized by authorities in DNCRP's Dhaka office to lead their drives has Milia in the driver's seat.

Milia rivaled 75 others for the activity in May. She has officially substantiated herself with her aptitudes and got confirmation from high-ups to be permitted to drive SUV when she is presented on focal office of DNCRP in future.

"She has been extolled as a driver for most recent 20 days she joined. She has a decent grasp on driving and can deal with little specialized glitches in the auto," DNCRP Deputy Director Manzur Mohammed Shahriar told

In any case, it is difficult for ladies to land positions as drivers in Bangladesh. As Milia says, it is difficult to land a position and harder to bear the 'gaze' by average folks when they see a lady in the driver's seat.

"I have confronted meets in numerous spots yet they never gave me the activity of a driver even after I exceeded expectations in the meeting, only to be a lady. I filled in as an individual driver in a family unit for few days however couldn't proceed. Presently I am cheerful to land an administration position," she said.

Milia has labored for a long time as driver at CARE Bangladesh in the northern piece of the nation before she came to Dhaka to work.

She began her activity in 2010 with a month to month pay of Tk 13,000 which swung to a whole of Tk 33,000 every month when she picked up an ordeal of eight years in driving. Milia had no alternative however to search for an occupation when the undertaking she was working for reached an end.

Be that as it may, she prevailing to substantiate herself and proceeded with her work.

There were 24,225 authorized ladies drivers in the nation as of March 2018. Just 703 among them got driving licenses as 'proficient' while 23,522 as novices.

Among the expert ladies drivers, just 14 have licenses to drive substantial vehicles while 18 have been authorized to drive medium-sized vehicles. No less than 613 ladies inspired licenses to drive light vehicles while 58 took for bikes.

Among the administration workplaces, Bangladesh Post and Telecommunication Division selected 10 ladies drivers a year ago.

"Ladies ought to be offered chance to join this calling which will convey subjective changes to society and working environment," Shahriar said.


Milia has been the main provider to her group of six kin while she landed the position with CARE Bangladesh. Her more youthful sibling is examining in Government BL College in Khulna and sisters have been offered.

Milia who hails from Lohagara Upazila in Narail said she dropped out of school because of neediness. Later she passed SSC in 2005 and HSC in 2013 from Open University while filling in as a driver in CARE Bangladesh.

She is the main lady among those seven who landed positions in DNCRP and joined office on May 20.

Another lady from her town got preparing from CARE Bangladesh and joined CARE in 2003 for work. Following her proposal, Milia figured out how to drive in 2008.

Notwithstanding, Milia educated that she battled for concerning two years to land a position lastly secured an occupation in one of the activities of CARE Bangladesh.

"Ladies in proficient driving stand up to a considerable measure of difficulties and it is difficult to keep up the activity."


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