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In my field as a statistics student in his final year. We always made use of this statistical tool or will call it a method called confidence interval. This is used basically when running an analysis based on some information made available to you,to draw conclusions on your analysis on a particular percentage level of assurance that what you did was right.
We were taught that there is no 100% confidence interval, in medicals, 99% confidence interval is used while in other fields can use less of that. The 99% confidence interval implies that in every 100 patient that is treated with a particular drug or method, that they are 99% sure that they will not die but the 1% gives a room for failure, human error or machine error which one out of the 100 can die.
Now enough of the statistics. In life, failing at some point in time must definitely come our way because man can't be 100 percent perfect except God. If man can be 100 percent perfect then I think the words failed, imperfect, error would not have being in our dictionaries today.
It's not a crime to fail and that statement does not imply you should be lazy about what you are suppose to do. Failing in life is a must but accepting failure to be your lifestyle then becomes a problem.

A man who falls down and never tries to stand up will remain down!

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That you have failed at one point in time in your life does not tag you a failure for life. Failure should be your teacher and not your life partner. Let failure be seen as the potholes on your high way to success city and not your destination. No! Don't settle in life as a failure. Learn from your mistakes and become a better person!

Our past mistakes and failures should make us better people and not miserable people for tomorrow

Put your pieces together and start again. Start that business again, go back to school, just start up anything you have failed in time past and you thought there is no more hope for you.

People will not be interested in how many times you failed when you eventually become successful!

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Oh yes, man can't be 100% perfect ,man is certain to make mistakes at one point. Failure does not mean the end of the world, is when you don't try to get back up and try again that is a total failure. So any time we fail we should try to get back up.
Nice post, am learning more and more.

do not be angry, soon to know...😉😉

,through our mistakes and failure we can learn of it,we always think positive😊

I have failures in life. I failed many times. But I keep on going. 😀😀😀

I loved the statistics you pointed out in the medical world.
Thanks for the motivational words on not been a failure for any reason.

hi @inspiredgideon, nice post.. it teaches us that failure is one step success. and for me FAILURE teaches us everything, the taste of success is not that sweet without FAILURE..

Great post bro. Failure is not final

When you learn from failure it leads to success. I coach a high school debate team and I tell my kids that FAIL means