What is Steemdya, and how we came up with this idea.

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Steemdya is a free indie 2d sidescrolling platformer game (metroidvania) that me and @roundbeargames are actually developing for the Steemit platform as a manner to thank the platform and it's users to support me as a disabled person, i work totally free and benevolant as lead artist on the project and hitmanchoi as an independant dev / coder trying to implement as much features as possible with the game, interconnecting it to the platform, and it hasn't been an easy task for him, as we did not knew much about steem python and pygame and other 2D capable engines able to run on the steem python code.


This project begun when i and Hitmanchoi decided to discuss a little bit more about this platform actually, how it was really nice posting our work and getting upvotes, it was hard for us to believe we could actually make our lives a little bit more comfortable with Steemit's help, we decided to talk on discord about what our plans were for the future on Steemit, and more specifically, what could we do together as some kind of "thank you" for all it's bringing to us.

This project is still in it's early stages, but by learning more about Steem python, we will be trying to implement weekly or monthly leaderboards / scores of the game posted by a bot on steemit, we needed a lot of adaptation and learning to be able to fit the python engine on both windows and apple / os and we managed to render the sprites on both platforms, wich is a major stepping stone for the project, as we wanted it to be, at least, wide spred on the Steemit platform / ecosystem.

Test render of Choibot with a simple sprite, simple "slither" / snake game :

(picture : Choibot working on os / windows and being able to render sprites on both apple and pc platforms after some coding )

In the beginning, it's true that i was only posting my comics and life things going on for me on Steemit, so Hitmanchoi had no clue i was kind of able to modelize , animate and bring characters to life.


Then i showed him some of my past work on other little projects, be it blender things, 3ds max, short animation clips, some industrial / mechanical drawings under autocad / solidworks.

showed some of my older designs / drawings

Then we spoke about the game we would like to make in common, and we came back and forth with a lot, and a lot of ideas while brainstorming, talking about game design :

We wanted a mix of both killing, and having to evade ennemies, for good speedruns
we then wanted "dodgeable" ennemies and some in the way that you cannot pass until you kill them
so we can make narrow passages at some point with 1 ennemies there
But we need like 75% of avoidable ennemies
while the rest is kind of mandatory to kill and paced in a rythm.
IT makes for a bette rythm in gameplay
And less boring for the player
It means you have to have at least one ennemy to kill every panel or every transition while you can skip 3 monster on the panel
The rythm should be along the lines of : "avoid , avoid, avoid, kill"
avoid , avoid, avoid, kill : avoid , avoid, avoid, kill : avoid , avoid, avoid, kill : avoid , avoid, avoid, kill :
Something a little bit like a song !

Then we also talked about some other aspects of the gameplay, more in details around how we interact with the character : (WARNING : if you want to avoid some spoilers you can skip this read ^^ )

fast weak attack button ( kick )
middle attack button ( hammer fast )
heavy slow attack button ( hammer slow )

Ranged / distance attack with steampunk harpoon, pistol or bow

jumping attack

sliding on the floor, like a football tackle - provides a temporary immunity ( we need at least one move that gives the player some timed immunity limited to 1 or 2 seconds to avoid some boss attacks if he wants to survive in "Steemdya must die" ( one hit death mode )

Super attacks : consume more or less of a supersteem vapor energy bar, that is like endurance, it replenish by killing and hitting ennemies, so it's use is limited to 1 or 2 highly powerfull super attacks, or 4 middle powered super attacks.

super attack : summoning plane that launch bomb and kill every ennemy in screen (except bosses, it takes 20% of life boss )
super attack train (kills everything in line in front of character )
super attack graphics card : summons a huge graphics card that attack with it's fans turning fast, making confettis of 1 and 0 bits of ennemies )
super attack charging : hammer keep pressing the heavy attack button, takes 2 to 3 seconds to charge to maximum power, if keep pressing for 5 seconds without being hit extra damage added to the super attack. character must be able to keep moving and dodging / jumping / sliding while continuing to charge attack so he can do that in front of a boss.

super attack release = hammer swirl

animating a double jump


Blocking with hammer
Block combo charging a super counter attack
blocking super attack :

Block ! Block ! Block ! BLOCKCHAIN !
(summoning a super attack from the hammer that act as a powerfull counter)
Last but not least :

green endurance bar that allows the player to run faster while pressing a button like shift on keyboard, it accellerates with the % of stms (steemspeed) steemspeed also provide a very very slight boost to character normal movement (like we said, 05 % of normal speed and with endurance for running, around 1% per stms gained )
(those are the ideas i have, if most of them not possible, we would make more basic stuff like running, jumping, attacking but it would be nice if we can implement some of these at least.)

Steemdya is a character that will be using "STMP" (steem power) as his main Strength characeristic (just like in a Role playing game with character stats )
His life bar will be represented in steemit blue colors, that empties if he takes hits, he wears steam boots that uses steem as a green stamina bar to dash forward faster, his boots also allows him to do a double jump with the same steem usage.

He wears a steem hammer that, also, charges with steem while pressing the button down, the game is still in very early beta, but we are trying to share our dev progress as much as we can.

Helping me would not only help promote our work but also the Steemit platform, and i strongly believe in what i'm doing, i put a lot of my heart and passion into it.

The final game will be more like a 2D platformer using 3D models as sprites, ennemies will be parodies of other social media platform (such as twitter, with a bird mechanical boss, facebook with a Zuckabot as a boss of another level, also some lesser ennemy types inspired from these social media platforms , i linked some pictures in the mail about this too )

now we have more complete sets of animations working :

And better hairs and tissues physics going on in his running animation, because we try to have nice things for you here !

Also, we wanted some of the most famous social media platforms as a basis for ennemies in the game ( Zuckbots / facebook / Tweitzerpolice / twitter and Youtube probably, every one of them in parodied and funny versions of themselves )

We got early / very small prototypes going :

Here is one very long (boring) video of me working hours and hours on Steemdya's animations :

Last but not least, you can already download a very very early demo as a testlab for many things, it's not the game we are working on, but can become something more of an adventure game in the future :


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This is the coolest! Cannot wait to see more about this in the coming days!

This is so cool man!

Gaming is my passion. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Keep us posted


I love seeing new concepts in things like this. Especially on a platform like ours...

Alex thank you for making this game for us and I love your choice to use Steem power as the main health bar! Your innovation and contributions are exactly why I think Steem has the most potential!

Resteeming to help more of us discover your game!


Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and helping this initiative, Jerry ! We are trying our best !

The animation looks great and good to see the short clip. Looking forward seeing the progress of this project.


We totally want good quality in animations of our characters / ennemies, i'll be posting the progress of the game from time to time, thank you very much for already being a part of it by supporting these kind of posts !

Great Work!
I think the concept is pretty nice especially if you implement the evil Social Networker Corp (SNC?) that could be pretty funny.😉
How about these names for Google and co.?

  • The Googol, is for Google (of course😉) could be a huge Boss(if possible).
  • The Tube of You, the Broadcastor, the AdpocalypseTube, could be names for youtube?
  • The spreading Bird for twitter...

Helping me would not only help promote our work but also the Steemit platform, and i strongly believe in what i'm doing, i put a lot of my heart and passion into it.

I already see that!, and i spread your tweet, followed(here and on twitter) resteemd and Upvotet this Blog, it's not like i like the 2D Platformer much but i like what you are doing and i see the Hard work in it!
The shocking truth is, my All-time Favorite 2D Platformer (jRPG) is still Valkyrie Profile (notonpcdangit!) but still i do have played some more, i just needed to use that fine site Steam Library Filters to remember.

These are my Top 3 (somehow mean) 2D Platformers.
Yes, Fortune Summoners looks like a cute harmless Game but it's just Dark Souls in disguise... I leave them here as some sort of Inspiration if you need it😉

Keep up the Good Work.

A game for steemit! wow i love it, i wish you the best guys!

Wow wow wow..
Thanks alot @imaginalex for your innovation and great contribution to steemit most specially the game..
You are truly moving the steemit community to a higher hight..
God bless you..
And am happy I crossed your path..
Looking forward to more posts like this from you.

Really cool stuff!!
Don't have to answer.... But just interested to know how much time you've invested in the project until now?


if i talk in term of hours worked on it, i would say around a full week and a half in "hours" worked on. Even tho i got a bit of health issues and had to halt working at some times, i'm back on it full throttle now ^^


You know what they say:
"Hard work pays out"!
So keep up the good work!

This looks awesome. Really hope you make it available on Nintendo Switch.


I have a nintendo switch, it would be nice but it has to encounter some kind of success at least to get a chance to be picked for nintendo switch x) we are way too small for that, i doubt it would be that successfull haha. anyway, we could try with some homebrew things that have been out for the switch.

i always watch your videos on youtube it is awesome all you are doing in this great platform, good luck with everything you are a great person.
have a wonderful day.

nice work in progress...congratulations to the team involved in advance

Well Best Of Luck Mate....I love python too and cannot wait to see more about this game and really wish to play this Game.....

J'ai vite fait lu parce que je n'ai pas le temps tout de suite de lire autant, j'ai passé quelques lignes par-ci par-là mais je reviendrai quand j'aurai le temps ! En tout cas j'aime beaucoup l'idée d'être speedrun-friendly, le speedrun est aussi quelque chose qui fait vivre les jeux-vidéos donc j'espère que ce sera le cas pour vous !

J'ai resteemé parce que, de ce que j'en ai lu pour l'instant, ton post est superbe et une bonne introduction au projet pour ceux qui ne le connaîtraient pas. Bonne continuation !

Looking sweet! Look forward to reading more.

This is a really cool Idea!! I have been thinking of doing something like this. I think that the global gaming micro economies that emerge with each new game and platform are a perfect use case for currencies. Anyone who can do it good enough and FIRST will kill it! GOOD LUCK GUYS!


Unfortunately, as i said, we are really building this from the ground up, making our own art assets, animations, our own code from steem python, so if anyone not an indie/ noob at this (i am coming mostly from drawing comics / doing some industrial 3d drawings, and i had some prior experience with 3ds max and blender, making a game in either unity or 2D platformer is very new from this year to me, i begun maybe 2 months ago learning about unity3d and i could come with this little demo, i know i am a fast learner and allways have tutorials playing on another screen while i am modelizing or creating assets, listening to how some tools are used, how this or that can be done. ) and has more experience and money than us to build something faster does it, they would launch something faster than us, but i do believe we are putting a lot of quality, effort, and imagination into it, especially designing a world and characters really "linked" to the steemit platform in term of not only naming, but statistics for the character, the world / universe, trying to keep a balance tho to not make it too cringy but more or less cartoony without pushing it too far. I know i want it to be dank and memey at times scrutinizing and making fun of other social medias like facebook / twitter or youtube, the character will be very enthusiastic to talk about his own steemit blog at times and he will encounter bosses that want to censor him or ban him from their world / platforms ^^ it carries a little bit of a message but trying to not make it too "heavy" also, somewhat fun, with a little pinch of sarcasm / irony.


It sounds like it is a great fun concept. I wish I had skills to offer to help. I have commercial Art/Sculpture/Marketing Design experience and fantasy fiction writing but I don't have the codeing chops be able to contribute. I am learning though. Maybe one day. Lots of respect to you guys man. Hope it all comes together for you.

I've just downloaded and tried the demo and found it really promising. Now I understand you're aiming for a 2D platformer with 3D models but have you thought of keeping your current 3D engine as a base for another potential full 3D game? I'm a huge fan of 2.5D platformers like Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles on PSP and the upcoming Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (I enjoyed the E3 demo) so I'm looking forward to more news on Steemdya but I wouldn't say no to a full 3D game either.


Yeah i'm actually doing everything in 3D to build a library of assets so we can think about an adventure game later, maybe in full 3D or isometric 3d like you said, half action / rpg style, maybe like a Bastion / Tansistor like action rpg. Still far away for now we focus on the quality of this first game, but as new devs we are building up our own asset library while making our first full customized / made from the ground up / scratch indie game. Hence why it's taking more time unfortunately, we are really doing everything by hand assets wise, animation wise, and coding wise steem python is a very "wild"and discovering territory for Hitmanchoi.