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Poverty is a very serious challenge facing every society as it has the ability to promote crime, and social unrest. The goal of every responsible government is to cut down the rate of poverty.


Before the advent of internet most people are constrain to few job opportunities like white cola job, agriculture and other semi skilled jobs. Most graduates roamed around the street looking for job for many years without success. Since they could not get job, they continue to live in poverty.

The arrival of internet created a lot new job opportunities for young people all over the world. Most young people who are internet biddable have no need to wait for government to put food in their table as there are several ways to make money in internet.

Internet has created more opportunities for people to make money like blogging, cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency trading, software engineering, apple developing, web developing, and social media management among others.

The role of internet in poverty reduction cannot be exaggerated given the fact that it has played a significant role in reducing the rate of poverty in the world. In most developing countries, most of their citizens do not care for what government is doing anymore as internet business has moved them from poverty to prosperity.

Guys what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Share your thought with me in the comment box.

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the internet has become the source of tutelage to many, the primus intepares of learning as should its impact to human development cannot be over emphasized. Thanks for sharing. upped 100%

You are welcome @kenhudoy, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for sharing your thought.

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La ONU decretó, el Internet como un derecho humano, debemos luchar porque cada ciudadano pueda contar con esta herramienta que nos une.
Como algún día luchamos por la alfabetización por la democracia. Existe actualmente dos bandas de distribución de Internet Gratuita que son las que usan los equipos que transmiten wifi.

Excelente post

Gracias por compartir tu pensamiento. Es nuestro derecho Debemos continuar educando a todos los ciudadanos de todas las sociedades para que sepan que es su derecho tener acceso a internet

The internet is indeed a game changer in all aspect of our lives however there are dark side to it too. Thanks for your post and I see that you are doing great

I agree with you @Charles1 that internet has it's dark side. Thanks for sharing your thought.

internet is a big chance for the impoverished countries as you mentioned in your post. And I think internet must be used for positive aims like blogging, learning etc. but it has some detrimental side effects also.

Yes, i agree with you, we must focus more on the positive side of the internet. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Yes, the internet is a major player in fighting for poverty reduction in the world today. Its the hub nub of other web inter-connectivity globally. This interface called steemit, is a typical example. Nice post, Upvoted.

Thanks for sharing your thought @lamath

yes I agree with you with the internet I can earn even though a little I remain grateful,

Yes, internet has helped many to gain financial freedom. Thanks for sharing your thought.

It should not be the job of government to take care of people.

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