One day at the school of the baby.

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  A day of the school of the baby has more useful  activities.


About seven o'clock in the morning. The baby will get to the school by their mother.
A day in the classof the little girls and boys that be tiny, the baby can be the cooking cup to be eating, to take it like to be used to be used to be set up your routine from it.


After when making the complete of the wholes will be being educational for the exercise or learn the rhythm skills.
After they are eating lunch, you should be short when the seat and automatic promotion.
Finished the lunch and drinking milk and go sleep.
37732923_138667450370716_6011146789082628096_n (1).jpg

Go to the two hours will be formula and starting the drawing, learning paste and learn colors.
Baby hours will be between mid length with a first dress.
The evening the baby will for out of the outside for changes and made the drawing or play game outside of the sky.

Byside the babies will be learn the english, learning and aerobic.
Castle long to the birthday birthday will be an be in the child size.

When the babies go to shool. They will learn to be many many from the life. The learning for training for the set of the character, character and a unique information for the children, boost the automatic for the baby when the past before winter.

By such, education for child on the following stage is very important. You must have a contract of the parent and teachers. The primary will be a future of this country.

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Ui. Bài này hay ghê đó @huyenmy. Mà sao mẹ bé được vào tận trường của bé vậy? :D


Dạ cảm ơn chị. Cô giáo chụp giúp em đó chị