50 Things to do when Business is Slow

in #busy4 years ago
  1. Form a new business habit.
  2. Do something new.
  3. Cold message - Touch base with new people.
  4. Send a thank you note to clients.
  5. Attend a valuable event on meetup.com
  6. Write a business plan.
  7. Re-write/ analyze the existing business plan.
  8. Host a virtual summit.
  9. Audit your business.
  10. Read a book.
  11. Write a book.
  12. Do something new.
  13. Create a popcorn project.
  14. Do some re-branding
  15. Update old posts.
  16. A/B test your post types - Images, videos etc.
  17. Grow your pinterest boards.
  18. Do some pro-bono work.
  19. Research
  20. Create a lead magnet.
  21. Host a workshop.
  22. Host a webinar.
  23. Optimize your website for conversions.
  24. Do some work on the back-end.
  25. Host a giveaway.
  26. Visit a past client.
  27. Review your morning an day-end routines.
  28. Host a giveaway
  29. Visit an old client.
  30. Run a challenge
  31. Form a new habit.
  32. Find new vendors.
  33. Update system of closing new clients.
  34. Add payment options
  35. Get some PR.
  36. Contact a few influencers.
  37. Publish a kindle book.
  38. Take a course on Udemy.com
  39. Create a course.
  40. Become active on social media so you are always visible to your customers/prospect
  41. Try a new marketing channel
  42. Look for new partners.
  43. Watch a business program like shark tank to find new ideas.
  44. Participate in a business contest.
  45. Get your accounting in order
  46. Carry out a business survey
  47. Master FB Ads with $1/day
  48. Rewrite your about and services page
  49. Do a price slash
  50. Keep calm and stay positive. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.