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  1. Silence your phone
  2. Black out background browser tabs/notifications
  3. Mute your gmail with inbox pause - http://www.inboxpause.com/
  4. Clean your desk.
  5. Write down distractions to avoid them for later.
  6. Save articles and videos in Pocket - https://getpocket.com/
  7. Take regular breaks.
  8. Work in varied environments - parks, coffee shops etc.
  9. Sit by a window.
  10. Smell something pleasant like lavender.
  11. Set the thermostat for 70-77 Degrees F.
  12. Go for a walk.
  13. Get plenty of exercise, sleep and healthy food.
  14. Buy plants
  15. Listen to ambient music
  16. Meditate.
  17. Look at pictures of animals or nature.


  1. Quit meetings or keep them to 15 mins.
  2. Delegate.
  3. Track where your time goes.
  4. Simiply your inbox with unroll.me
  5. Quit facebook ( partially )
  6. Automate tedious tasks
  7. Batch similar tasks.
  8. Try a dictation app
  9. Cut bad habits with a "stop doing" list.
  10. Quit multitasking


  1. Sort tasks by "must, should, want" every day!
  2. Write 3 most important tasks on a post it
  3. Do your #1 most important task first.
  4. Don't check your email until you've worked for 2 hours.
  5. Ask yourself "Will this task help me achieve a goal?" If not, cut it!
  6. "Can this only be done by me? Is it important?" Two NOs? Cut it.
  7. Write tomorrow's to-do list at night
  8. Use stephen Covey's prioritization matrix.
  9. Do creative work first.
  10. "Does this get me closer to my goal? " "Does it matter to my boss?" "Does it make money?" "Does it make my life easier?" "Does it have to be done today?" Sort to-do s base on # of yes'


  1. Break big tasks into bite sized pieces.
  2. Work on a big task for just 5 minutes
  3. Eat the frog .. ( Google it )
  4. Start a stickk.com personal contract
  5. If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now..
  6. Find your biological prime time
  7. Make progress visible and celebrate small wins
  8. Don't break the chain
  9. Bribe yourself with rewards
  10. Strike a power pose.
  11. Keep a "done" list
  12. Eat chocolate
  13. Smile!

What do you do to stay productive?


That's a wonderful list. Nicely curated. Crisp and clear. :)