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Lets talk about drama, In the play 'Gander' of the French-language playwright Eugene Yanesc, the people of the city began to become transformed into a gunda for some unknown reason. Healing in the morning, severe pain in the afternoon, and there is a scream in his forehead. The heroine of the drama becomes a gangster and becomes mixed with the rhinoceros and creates a panic in the city-based townships. The hero himself repeatedly saw the palm of his forehead, or if he is turned into a gang.


This 'rhinoceros' is a mental disease or metaphor for the metaphor. Patients suffering from rhinoceros have created a group of 'we' and a group of 'those' on the basis of any difference between caste, religion, caste, dogma etc. There is no doubt in the minds of the rhinoceros that "all of us are good and all things are bad. We only go to heaven, their destiny is eternal hell. "




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