When One Door Closes, What Happens?

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We've all heard the saying "When one door closes, another one opens", but what that means is significant and in my opinion calls for reflection! 😍🙌

In our lives, in our day to day, our habits, our schedules, our hustle and bustle... Things may come our way that seem unfair, unjust or against our goals/dreams/aspirations and when that happens it may feel easier to 👉give up than 👉 push through!

If we let a door close in front of us and sit there, on the other side and cry, feel sorry for ourselves and wait for it to reopen... We may just find ourselves sorely disappointed. 🤷

🙌 However, if we take that door closing as another shot, chance, opportunity to find something else, we can embark on a new adventure, journey and find just what we were looking for (that wasn't available from the first door!) ✨

Life is full of mysteries but trusting in the magic of it is half of the game! 😍🧚

Love, Cece😘
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