Benefits of water and lemon

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Lemon The lemon belongs to the acid family plants rich in many minerals, vitamins and chemical compounds active, and these compounds are found in all parts of the plant, including:
Juices and crusts, and the lemon plant is a global plant known in all countries of the world, and used to prepare many of the main dishes and the authorities;
It is rich in citric acid, which gives the sour taste, rich in natural flavonoids and antioxidants that purify the body of toxins and protect it from the formation of cancer cells. [1] [2]
In addition to medicinal and therapeutic lemons, it is also used in many aesthetic purposes for hair and nails, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. [3]
Drinking water and lemon on the stomach , Such as drinking it with water on the stomach, and this method of traditional health easy to have a large results that improve life and promote public health; because of this drink of many benefits; because it contains vitamins, such as: vitamins (C, B), iron, calcium , Potassium, and For magnesium, enzymes, antioxidants, and fiber, so it is advisable to drink water and lemon in the morning to refresh the body, expel toxins, and health promotion. [4]

Benefits of drinking water and lemon on the stomach Double the benefits of drinking lemon drink on the stomach, and its benefits: Drinking water and lemon may improve gastric function, which balances the acidity of the stomach, and supplies the body with a good amount of fluids that prevent constipation and facilitate digestion, (5) It also protects the intestine and helps it to function normally. [3] It supports the work of the respiratory system and relieves the symptoms of respiratory problems, such as: seizures Asthma from allergies, tightness of breath 3.
It maintains the health of the immune system in the body; it is a drink that contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which is one of the strongest natural antioxidants, in addition to other antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals, rid the body of toxins, reduce inflammation, Vitamin C is widely used in the formation of the collagen complex, which is important to form the skin and connective tissues of the body.

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The lemon juice also contains the lemonade compound, which prevents the formation and spread of cancer cells. [5] [2] Lemon contains a good amount of potassium. With lemon on the saliva Potassium is needed by the body to maintain blood pressure, reduce the incidence of strokes, strengthens teeth, bones and joints. Potassium is used to transport nerve signals in the nervous system and maintains fluid balance in the body. [5] [2] Moisturized by consumption throughout the day, and can be drunk when feeling thirsty instead of high-calorie drinks, caffeine, industrial colors, preservatives. [5] Enhances the absorption of iron from food; because of the high content of vitamin C, which helps the body to Absorption of h [5] regulates blood glucose levels by regulating the work of insulin, promotes the health and effectiveness of diabetics, and cardiovascular health and blood pressure levels; because of its high content of antioxidants and potassium. [3]
Increases the efficiency of metabolism And burning fat in the body and speed, leading to weight loss; because of the rich antioxidants that purify the liver of toxins, and improve the efficiency in the disposal of fat, and drinking lemon and water on the stomach is a healthy habit followed in the programs of slimming; it gives a sense of satiety and fullness, Consumption of calories Reduces skin youth and keeps them from the problems of pimples, grains and signs of aging, such as spots and wrinkles because of its high content of vitamin C, which enters the collagen formation. [3] Maintains oral health, (3) reduces the symptoms of morning sickness and dizziness associated with it, and gives the activity and strength to start the day if drinking on the stomach. [3] Reduces the symptoms of morning sickness and dizziness, Pregnancy, including: dizziness, nausea, and protects pregnant women from constipation and hypertension As well as its immune system, because of its high content of antioxidants. [3] The medium inside the body is made basid.
Although the lemon taste is very acidic, it is the most alkaline plant on the face of the earth. (4) reduce the formation and formation of mucus and phlegm, which are usually caused by the consumption of cow's milk, so when the day begins with drinking water and lemon, there is no need to reduce the consumption of cow's milk; For fear of sputum problem. [4]

Ways to drink water with lemon Lemon juice with water is safe for consumption, which gives freedom to choose the method of drinking and how to make it, and the proposed ways to prepare the following: cut lemon with seeds and husks, add to a bottle of pure water, drink cold on the stomach, Today. Cut lemon with whole parts, such as: veneer, pulp, seeds, add them to hot or boiling water, and cover them so as not to lose volatile oil elements, and then filter the water and drink it on the saliva, and you can add honey to the warm drink; Add lemon peel to tea to give it a good taste and benefit from its desired benefits, including: purifying the body of toxins, stimulating the loss of excess weight, and burning fat. Add lemon juice, add a little mint leaves to a cup of hot water, and drink it on the saliva.


WoW thats a good info, ty for sharing. Lets everybody earn.
I will try to write something about my favorite meals :).
Try to fallow me up for some Mediterranean recepies. As i would say, food connects people :).

I love lemons! I drink lemon water everyday. I have a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning and as a snack in the evening I have iced water with half a lemon squeezed in!

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