That I Don´t Care What They Will Say

in busy •  6 months ago

Many want to eat the world but at the first blow that the world returns to them they are defeated, they all want to be successful until they realize that they will be judged, criticized, pointed and that directing, delegating, pointing, criticizing, judging is easy, but give the example with facts are very few, many will be by your side as long as you do not represent a threat to them and much less to try to overcome them, many will want to run by your side and soon they will get tired and want to stop or you you stop waiting for them and that is that people forgive everything but success.


They will probably laugh at you, they will talk about you, they will make a list of your failures and why you should not dream or do something, but while they speak your successes will crush them, they will have to accept that you dared and they did not , nothing and no one can face you, although every time you have a big dream you will get into situations of conflict, remember that life is written with actions not with wishes, life is the book of the facts not of the attempts, the real success is to fight for your purposes.

The successful knows how to live in conflicts without losing peace, the successful one endures rejection and criticism, the successful one is willing to lose everything without stopping to fight, give yourself a truce, give yourself a break, when you have a life purpose the anguish, the stress, confusion disappear, when you know what your priorities are you can dedicate every minute of your time, you do not always want to be the protagonist of the movie there are moments in life to be in the light and others to be in the shade, do not rate yourself life until you have reached all your goals.

Your story is not over, and fight against adversity and realize that adversity has the gift of awakening talents that in comfort would have remained asleep, get excited about the challenges and let the storms pass because what does not challenge you does not change you, equivocate by bold not by caution, that is worth the risk, it is important not to have fame as your goal, do not ever allow yourself to be mediocre eradicates mediocrity in all your personal affairs, please avoid deepening in relationships with the mediocre, the critical, the fearful, the negative, the foolish, the resentful, the bitter, the abusive as that sticks that permeates your life.


It´s possible that you think that this is impossible and I do not tell you to judge them or to get away from them, I only tell you to reduce the frequency with what does not add up, that does not multiply you, and one usually becomes those people who frequent in your life, see your surroundings and analyze who you are surrounding yourself and soon you will see yourself in the same place as them, if you meet with those who do not know their purpose you may not know it either or get off the ship or the casualties , in this life you do not mind what they will say.

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