Warning and Reinforcing One Another

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Living in the rantau is not easy, especially abroad. The extent of family oversight sometimes makes us forget the norms of religion. In the country there are still people who advise, guide, rebuke, and so forth if we do the things nyeleneh.

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According to the Javanese, sin stands for "meledos ora krasa" aka error we do not feel. Next thing we know we've been in the room of disobedience.

Freedom of association, lack of understanding of religion, various problems encountered, both from the family environment in the homeland and employer's family, can make us easy to vacillate indiscriminately.

If tidka restraint, we could wreak revenge, anger, hatred, betrayal, and other things to spoil yourself and away from God. Naudzubillah!

It is here that our fellow Muslims should exhort each other, remind and reinforce in goodness. Our faith can go up and down and easy futur. Morning in the faith, it could be afternoon even in disobedience or vice versa.

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There are humans who come closer to the Supreme Rahman and Rahim. But, not a few others who stay away and keep away.

Man is not a creature without error and sin. Always there forget. When the spirit and the body walk unbalanced, that's where the negligence takes place. At that moment, the supervision of the lust becomes weak.

Everyone has a passion. The lust of the faithful is more restrained and well maintained. However, neglect can provide an opportunity for the desire to be able to appear dominant to commit sin.

If anyone says sanctimonious, leave it alone. Rather than being pretended to be odious. At least, we are trying to be a better person.

Thank you for reading this post May be useful

Regards: @hamzahpajriadi



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