the view on the monument sabang that make stunned

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To Sabang really have to swim in the sea. But also not afdal if you are not to Tugu I Love Sabang it. Here the scenery is beautiful!

Visiting the city of Sabang, of course, can not miss to take pictures at Tugu I Love Sabang. In addition as evidence has reached the most western island of Indonesia, suguhan scenery is also not less beautiful.

This monument is located at Jalan Elak Gp. Cot Ba'u Sabang, about 12 Km from Balohan Port. The monument located at the turn has a yellow green garden that adds to the beauty and charm of this place.

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In addition, for a broader view, we can climb to the viewing post. Viewed from the top of the viewing post, the view on the other side is really charming. If we look to the left, there is Aneuk Laot Lake and green mountains. While on the right we can see the Bay of Sabang and Iboih Mountains

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