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This time Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, next to Shahidul Alam

Prisoner Bangladeshi journalist said. Dr. Shahidul Alam has expressed support for the Nobel laureate in the economy. Amartya Sen A group of photojournalists have been campaigning in support of Shahidul Alam. Amartya Sen told them that freedom of expression is very important for democracy with photojournalism. At this time he praised Shahidul Alam. Said, there are enough reasons for praising Shahidul Alam very efficiently and for the many years he has done bravely for his bravery. Instead of seeing his work strictly, it should be appreciated and admired.

Outlook India has reported this. According to the report written by Ujinor Majumder, Bangladeshi photo journalist and photographer Shahidul Alam is now in jail. Amartya Sen gave a statement in support of him. It has been said that many of the media houses and organizations in the world have been vocal against vociferous protests in Bangladesh. Among them are Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Pen International, several photography organizations, media organizations, RSF, Committee to Protect Journalists. Amartya Sen's list of the world's greatest intellectuals is added to the list.

On 5th August police arrested Shahidul Alam on the night. Thereafter, allegations were made to 'spread propaganda and false information against the government'. Police remanded him for a week. A magistrate court in Dhaka gave him judicial custody from August 12th. On August 22th, he met with his wife and well-wishers in Keraniganj Central Jail.

Then he was transferred to a prison hospital. Those inspectors said in a statement, Shahidul Alam breathing difficulties arose. Pain in her jaw and crow. Problems in eyes On September 11, he is scheduled to appear before the court in the hearing of the case. Until then he will have to remain in jail. Till then, he was asked to send him to a suitable hospital for treatment. His family alleged that he was treated unfairly in prison. They immediately applied for the need for his treatment.

Outlook India also wrote, Shahidul Alam is a photographer. He has been in various media houses in the world. He is a respected Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the National Geographic Society. He has established the Drik Photo Library in Dhaka. Besides, Pathshala South Asian Media Institute has established. Apart from this, he has more achievements. Shahidul Alam was arrested on August 5 after giving an interview to Al Jazeera Television. During that time, he talked about the ongoing student movement in Bangladesh.

The movement became intense since the death of two students in a road accident. After the police's brutal repression, those protests became violent. Several people including students and journalists were injured in this. 63-year-old Shahidul criticized the current ruling group for the extrajudicial killings, abduction of dissidents, corruption, media clashes, and fraud in government jobs. Shahidul Alam said that the police lathicharged on the students protesting the protesters. Tear gas and rubber bullets rushed. On the other hand, the ruling Awami League's support and armed people have been released freely.

Outlook India also wrote that Bangladesh's mood changed in the face of elections. Shahidul Alam said that the ruling party adopts all possible means to suppress any dissent. So that they can not create dangerous environment before the election.

On that night, around 30 policemen took Shahidul Alam to Tanhe Teh. His family complained that he was being tortured during a long remand.

Bangladeshi attorney general Mahbubey Alam has alleged that Shahidul Alam was provoking anti-government protesters by posting on Facebook.

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