The Myanmar authorities are tortured back Rohingyas 5P30.21H

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The Myanmar authorities are tortured back Rohingyas

Myanmar authorities are torturing Rohingya who return home from Bangladesh voluntarily. They are being detained. This ill-treatment has strengthened the need for international security for Rohingyas. In this situation, before the Rohingyas go back safely, the UN should visit the field level. In a report, Human Rights Watch has said these human rights groups. It is said that they are being abused by the Rohingyas who are returning from the Rohingyas.

They are being accused of being terrorists. Phil Robertson, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch, Asia, said that the Rohingya government promised to keep them safe and secure when Rohingya returned. But torture on the returning Rohingyas promotes the lie that the government is lying. He also said that despite giving a guarantee of returning to Myanmar Rohingyas safe and dignified, those who have returned to the country have been tortured.

Sixth Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh after being attacked by the army of Myanmar army in 2017. They told Human Rights Watch that they would go to Rakhine for earning money from different places at different times. But they caught Border Guard Police (BGB). Then security guards were tortured by the prisoners before trial. They were judged and sentenced to four years' imprisonment. After about a month the government pardoned them. At the same time, dozens more Rohingya were released. On June 1, 2018, the authorities presented them before the visiting journalists.

The purpose, to show them that the authorities are doing good with the Rohingyas and it is safe to go back. After that meeting with journalists, 6 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh. Human Rights Watch has interviewed three Rohingya men and three boys. The youngest child is 16 years old. They were detained at various places in Maungdaw at different times. They said that BGB officers repeatedly interrogated them in the arms of the warring group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Aresa). During interrogation, they were tortured in various ways. They have been beaten with stick. With the rod. The body has been burned. Electricity has been given to forcefully accept their contact with Arsar. Moreover, they were not given enough clean water and food during the detention. Those six people said that the army's intelligence officers hit them with white sticks. Punched. Kicked off The six people said that the situation where they were detained was a very bad situation. They were not given any lawyer The trial was executed in Burmese language, which they did not understand. When the court sent them all four years to jail, authorities took them to the boothang jail in Maungdaw city.

On 23rd May Maungdaw district administration told Rohingas that President Win Mint had forgiven them. They will be given the National Conservation Card (NVC) and will be released. NVC is an identity document that Rohingya rejects. Because, the demand for Myanmar citizenship has been reduced by this.


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