Slow pace in solving one year of Rohingya crisis 4P31.24H

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Slow pace in solving one year of Rohingya crisis

Myanmar's Rohingyas are entering into Bangladesh as the torrent of brutal torture of the army and their collaborators. They have entered Bangladesh in this way for a year. But their sufferings did not end. Even Myanmar has not shown any sincere commitment to accept them. On the other hand, the leader of the country, Aung San Suu Kyi, has pledged to delay the return to Rohingya.

The Rohingyas are stuck in Bangladesh after fleeing from Myanmar in the group.
There have been many social problems. On August 25 last year, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Aura) attacked Myanmar's security guards. It killed some security personnel. After this, the country's army and its collaborators started brutal violence against the Rohingyas. They are raped by arbitrary gang raping girls, young women and women. Many people killed by shooting in bullets The village after the village was destroyed by the fire.

After that they built up the villages and constructed the army's infrastructure. These issues have been presented in a standard form by various international human rights organizations. International pressure on Myanmar to take back Rohingya But China and Russia have opposed a proposal raised in Jakarta. As a result, the UN's pressure on Myanmar has become a matter of great concern.

There are still trends in Rohingya from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Hamida Begum has fled to Bangladesh with her husband, two years ago and a child of three months old, about two months ago. Her husband could not sleep properly at the time before she ran away. Because, always fear of being arrested in him. Hamida, 18, told that her husband would go to Magdal in a tree at night. They sat there all night. Even if there was heavy rain, they sat there. He is now on one side of the world's largest refugee camp.

Myanmar has repeatedly said that they are ready to accept Rohingyas. But still many people like Hamida and her family escaped the problem of progress in resolving the problem of the Myanmar authorities when they fled. The Rohingyas leave the country in this group, causing a turbulent situation in the democratic transition of the country, and the world's Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, has lost its image.

Former US diplomat and political analyst Richard Horsie, who is employed in Myanmar, said that Rohingya crisis has severely harmed the image of Myanmar to the world. The Aung San Suu Kyi government has rejected the allegations of atrocities against the army or security forces. Transit camps have been built in Rakhine to accept the returning Rohingyas. From the beginning of this year till August, about 13 thousand Rohingyas have come to Bangladesh. Clearly, the crisis that started a year ago has entered the second year and the solution to this crisis is far and wide.

Nearly half a dozen refugee news organizations spoke to Reuters. They said that they were fighting to survive in the destroyed houses and empty villages. But security guards have been forced to leave all those ghosts who can arrest them and harass them. Further, they were kept under house arrest. When they were starving, they were pushed out to do any work, to market, to ponds, to go fishing. They could not go to the mosque to pray.

Myanmar has been bombed, they did not provoke a crisis. The opposite army carried out an operation against counter-terrorism.

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