Pressure on Myanmar is not helpful in solving Rohingya problems - China 6P4.28H

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Pressure on Myanmar is not helpful in solving Rohingya problems - China

When it is said in the United Nations investigation that China's Myanmar army has massacred against minority Rohingya Muslims, China has reciprocated. They said that if pressure on Myanmar in the Rohingya issue would not help solve the crisis. Reports from Beijing told the news agency. On Monday, the United Nations Fact Finding Mission published their first report on the Rohingya issue. It has been called for trial against the Rohingyas for the massacre of Myanmar officials for torture. Myanmar's fear of the separation of the call has been strong.

Fact Finding Mission UN Security Council recommends arms embargo against Myanmar, targeted targets against officials, and prosecution of suspects, or to face the International Criminal Court at Hegel. But China has a close relationship with Myanmar, China has a close relationship with China. Myanmar's army and officials against the Rohingyas demanded to carry out anti-terrorist operations. China's support for Myanmar's claim is that China Earlier, a proposal was raised in the United Nations Security Council on the Rohingya issue. But the proposal stops China and Russia Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuning, the latest UN Fact Finding mission report, asked reporters He was regular briefing on Tuesday. During this time, he said that Rakhine's Rohingya issue is very complex from historical, religious and ethnic aspects. So I think it would not really be helpful to solve a problematic issue or pressure on the issue.

A year ago, at least 7 lakh Rohingya fled from Rakhine due to brutal suppression of Myanmar soldiers and took shelter in Bangladesh. They are still staying in Bangladesh. Till now, they have many debtors to take them back. But no progress is seen. The Chinese spokesman said the talks between Myanmar and Bangladesh have made a positive progress. An agreement has been made in two years to voluntarily return Rohingya. Hua Chunying said that the international community should adopt appropriate structural role with Myanmar and Bangladesh in solving this problem through discussion and consultation.

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