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'No one except you'

'Man Jane', recently came to the discussion of 'Shanti', 'My Story' and 'My Story' songs, recently by the renowned child artist Supati. Suryata is coming to the folk songs song. The title of the song 'None except You' is the title of the song. The song is based on poetry written by poet Roksana Majumdar Sukhi. It has melodrama Nazir Mahmud and Musiqi Musufik Litu. Niran Ahmed has operated the music music video.

Regarding the song, Nazir Mahmud said, this song of Sudhati will be good for everyone. Today, this short sutra will be a big artist in the coming days. I think music will be a great talent artist. Sufi said that the song's rhythm and melody are different. For the first time, I have folk songs. I know the mood for happy mom and respectful Nazir Mahamud to give me such a beautiful song to sing. On 7 September, the music video will be released from Suthi Music's official channel Suthi Music Station.

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