Myanmar army chief banned on Facebook 6P3.27H

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Myanmar army chief banned on Facebook

Facebook has closed Myanmar Army Chief Min Aung Hyang's Facebook page on Facebook for violating human rights. At the same time, all the Facebook pages related to the military's army have been blocked by the biggest social networking media. The United Nations

The report, published by the International Fact Finding Mission, accused the Rohingya community of genocide against him, after the announcement that Facebook

Facebook said in a statement on its website that we are going to ban Myanmar's 20 people and organizations from Facebook. Among them are Myanmar Army Chief Min Aung Hyang. At the same time, the media giant said that they will not allow Facebook to use such people to administer ethnic killings.

Earlier, on Monday the United Nations-International Fact Finding Mission published a report on the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar in Geneva.

The report raises the best allegations against the army's army chief and some senior officials of the army. There were allegations against Min Aung Hing, who commanded the army to conduct torture on Rohingya Muslims. After this, the announcement was made to ban him from Facebook.

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