China tied to the path of nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula: Trump 6P17.31H

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China tied to the path of nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula: Trump

United States President Donald Trump again resumes on China His claim, China wants to destroy China as far as the United States moves toward nuclear disarmament with North Korea. In continuous tweets, Trump further said that the United States will not cancel military exercises with South Korea. The North Korean aggression has decided to keep the military exercise going on in the real world. A day before the US Secretary of State told that we must take part in this military exercise.

Donald Trump said after a meeting with the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore in June that North Korea was no more threat. But North Korea is moving very slowly in the direction of nuclear disintegration.

The trump is behind the blame of China.

China is currently North Korea's only trusted friend state. The United States thinks China has huge influence in taking all decisions of North Korea. Besides, China is Washington's biggest rival in this region. Meanwhile, trade war has started between the two countries. China's largest market is the United States.

Trump believes that the United States is experiencing widespread losses. These are the reasons why the United States is straining relations with China. So, this kind of behavior of North Korean people trump China's rice thinks. Earlier, China called the Donald Trump to be irresponsible. China has said that trump is working only to increase the problem, not taking any steps to solve it.

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