'Bus stand in highway, no water, no food in 12 hours' 9A31.18-H

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(34.73) 'Bus stand in highway, no water, no food in 12 hours'

Road collapsed in front. The whole state drowning behind!

‘প্রায় ১২ ঘণ্টা ঠায় বাস দাঁড়িয়ে হাইওয়েতে, জল নেই, খাবার নেই’.jpg

I would never have thought that I would have been stuck on the national highway for hours after traveling around the house. Nawa-eat, there is room on Kerala road. Thursday night is spent in the hotel. How many days? The money is almost finished. ATM off Food fire money. Heavy duration of water in hotels.

I got married in February. Already in Nainital, Puri, Bishnupur and Santiniketan I have been traveling around. It's okay, I'll go to Kerala. On August 11, when I left Kolkata, I heard that Kerala's situation was not good. But plane tickets are cut, hotel rates have been paid. So husband and wife left.

On 12th August, the first day of Kochi did not have any effect. The second day Munna Heavy rain from the morning. According to some opinion, the day after the day, Alapuza India says Venice, Alapuza is not seen! But as much as the beauty of the notorious, Alpuzhah seems to be much more dangerous than that. With heavy rain and storms our boat gets worse. Return to the hotel in some sense. As soon as the TV shows, the alert has been issued. There was no worry at all. It seems, the 15-minute ticket cut. But the message came in the morning on the phone, canceled the plane to Calcutta. According to the statement, all the fluctuations of the aircraft will be canceled till 18th. Kochi airport has been floated!


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