Bangladesh defeats Thailand in Kabaddi 5P28.H

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Bangladesh defeats Thailand in Kabaddi

Bangladesh Kabaddi team won their second match in the Asian Games. Bangladesh defeated Thailand by 34-22 points in the men's section on Monday. The same day, however, saw the rate of Bangladesh women kabaddi team. Malekka-Shilara lost by women 47-19 points against powerful Iran in the division. Both men and women are watching the rate in the first match. Men's teams see 50-21 points behind India.

The Bangladesh women's Kabaddi team won the bronze medal in the last two rounds starting with the 43-28 points against Chinese Taipei. Bangladesh women kabaddi team wins bronze medal in Guangzhou and 2014 Incheon Asian Games 2010. However, their medal hopes are very much the same at the last two rates. And the Kabaddi team came back empty handed from the 2010 and 2014 event.

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