'Suicide Games' Momo Awake West Bengal, mysterious death 4P25.25H

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'Suicide Games' Momo Awake West Bengal, mysterious death

Latin America's 'Suicide Games' Momo has become hot in the West Bengal state of India. Already the panic has spread in the state of Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling. Now the panic is in south Dinajpur. A college student's mobile came to the address of the game. The number is unknown as usual. On Friday, a complaint was made to the police superintendent of South Dinajpur.

There was a quarrel with the mother. Hatsayapaya status gave, 'I will die.' Then the message from unknown number started coming to Kalipara Roy College, a college student of Jalpaiguri. Poetry claims that the message was called to play him in the online game Momo Challenge. The girl got scared, the girl. Dada's suggestion to block the number from which the message was coming from. Complaint was made in the police station.

On Thursday, Jalpaiguri Momo arrested a college student for allegedly spreading panic among the district police cyber cell. Investigators claim that he had sent a link by name of friends and acquaintances to the mobile phone named Momo Games. Meanwhile, Momo has spread panic in the mysterious death of a teenage girl in Darjeeling. The deceased's family claimed that he was killed by the intoxication of the game or he committed suicide. And now the link to the death game of the South Dinajpur Tapan College on a mobile phone.

Arif Sarkar, a resident of Rampur in Tapan, South Dinajpur, reports daily Indian Media News daily. BA is the first year student. On Friday morning, her mobile message came from an unknown number. The Arif government's claim, who sent the message, said that he himself was called a momo. The message sender wants to talk to him in the future. Firstly, the college student did not do the same thing. Thinking that a friend might be having fun. Then a friend of Arif sent her a video of awareness about 'Momo Challenge'. It turns out to be a sensation. Arif's government has blocked the number and complained to the police superintendent of southern Dinajpur on Friday. But the young man did not panic. Not only in North Bengal but in the north Bengal, Momo panic spreads in South Bengal too. A teenage fisherman in Daspur, West Midnapore was known to have become addicted to the game. Finally, the police managed to bring him back to the secret sources.

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