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(41.71) 'No helmet no petrol' in the capital

The program has been announced in capital Dhaka after receiving a massive response to 'No helmet no petrol' program in different districts of the country. That means every motorcycle driver and ascender will wear helmets from now on. Petrol or octane will not be sold to them without wearing a helmet.

রাজধানীতেও ‘নো হেলমেট নো পেট্রোল’.jpg

The announcement of the month-long traffic awareness program at DMP Media Center at around 11:30 pm on Tuesday (September 4th), Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said this.
DMP commissioner said, "In the meantime the city's petrol pumps have started this program. Police have instructed them in this regard. '
He further said, "Two more riders on the motorcycle can not ride. Traffic police has been instructed to take action against them even when motorcycles are seen on a footpath.

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