Hajj formality begins, worshipers of Mina's foot in Mina Eid 5P27H

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Hajj formality begins, worshipers of Mina's foot in Mina

Beginning to go to Mina, pilgrims celebrating holy Hajj from different parts of the world. Hajj's original formalities have started with the gathering of the worshipers of Saudi Arabia. On Saturday evening, the devotees started the journey from Mecca to Mina slowly. Now about 2 million people are performing Hajj. Hajira will stay in Mina tonight. They will go to the Arafat grounds 10km south-east of Mina on Monday (August 20) after receiving Fajr five prayers.

To reach the long journey to Arafat, devotees walk on foot, wheelchairs, buses, as you can. Everyone's body covered in white cloth. The Arafat grounds will be voiced by their 'Labbayek Allahumma Labbayek' sound From the Arafat grounds, the devotees will go to Magadalifa without leaving the Maghrib prayer. When they reached there, they would offer Maghrib and Esha prayers together. Here they will spend the night under the open sky. Then in the monument (symbolic) of the monument (symbolic) to collect stones to throw Satan.

On Tuesday (August 21st) in the morning after the Fajr prayers, the attendance will be returned again. On Wednesday (August 22nd), after leaving stones and animals in Jamrat, the men would shave their head and leave Ihram. Then, after completing the holy Kaaba Sharif, Tawaf-e-Tawaaf will complete the full formalities of Hajj. The Saudi government has taken special measures to make Hajj management fair. King Salman's adviser Prince Khalid al-Faisal is monitoring the management of the Hajj.

Hajj security chief said, the number of hajj pilgrims has exceeded 2 million. However, the final figure of the Hajj will be announced on Eid al-Azhar on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour al-Turki said.
This year, 1 lakh 26 people from Bangladesh are performing Hajj. Saiful Islam, director of the Hajj office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, said that around 250 Bangladeshis including Saudi Arabia's Bangladesh mission will be deployed at important places during the Haj celebration. Most of the Ministry of Religious Affairs has already gone to Saudi Arabia to provide assistance and emergency services to Bangladeshi pilgrims. Three medical centers have been established in Jeddah, Mecca and Madinah. In these camps, 30 doctors and nurses will be provided medical treatment to the pilgrims. In the case of an emergency, arrangements for sending hajj pilgrims to local hospitals were also taken.

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