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(41.58) Drone in farming in remote areas

Drone is being used in agriculture in El Salvador's remote areas. In such areas, such drones are being used in areas where fertilizers and pesticides are not available with conventional agricultural machinery.

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According to the BBC report, it is being used in modern sugarcane cultivation. A 20-liter capacity tank has been added with each big drone engraving in fertilizer and pesticides. Fertilizers and insecticides are admitted in these tanks, which are subsequently scattered on the land.
It is known that the area of ​​work of the drones is determined before launch. Then each drone was sent to the scheduled place according to the pre-plan plan. All the drones have been successfully working so far, said the concerned people.
These drones are working in many places, where fertilizers and insecticides have never been reached before. Nicole Nauratil, Chief Operating Officer of drone use in farming, said, "The spraying of the earlier ones could not be sprayed, now they are being sprayed." With the help of drones, these big opportunities are being created.


This could solve a lot of problem not only in El Salvador, we should get to use the technology not only be used, great

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