Damage amounting to Tk 3,10,000 crore 10P20I

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Damage amounting to Tk 3,10,000 crore

One of the worst floods of all time has been the loss of Kerala in 370 billion dollars. Which is about 3 trillion crores of rupees in Bangladeshi currency. In May this coastal state of India is the worst flood of centuries. It killed more than 500 people and nearly 1 million people were homeless. Thousands of homesteads have been destroyed in the state due to floods caused by monsoon rain, crops have been damaged and broken roads and breaking the entire state's communication system.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday that in the flood the state lost about three lakhs 10 thousand taka. The state wants about 282 million US dollars for the central government to reconstruct earlier this month.

The center will give only 84 million US dollars. In addition, the Indian government has already returned the help of Qatar and the UAE.

The horrific humanitarian catastrophe created in Kerala due to floods Homeless half-people live in more than 300 shelters camps in the state. The normal life of man has become completely upset. Agriculture and tourism are completely stagnant. Millions of tourists came to the state every year. But due to floods, more than 80 percent of the booking was canceled in the last few months. It is estimated that this year the state's GDP will increase by 1 percent.

Cholera epidemic fears of the formation of flood after the flood, many experts say. Millions of people are at risk of health. Indian health ministry on Thursday said that the state has already started to develop diarrhea and dengue. About 159 hospitals have been affected by the flood.

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