Cheat day or Cheat Meal? Why is it good for you?

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Hello everybody!

If you are on diet for summer right now and you are thinking about some tasty food but you can't eat it, I want to write something for you :)

I know that when you are dieting that after already couple of days your stomach starts to make some funny hungry noises. And that is normal! After some time you will probably be adapted to your new diet and you will not be so hungry for junk food, but, again, there is some point when you need to eat something unhealthy or whatever you want and love.

Set yourself one day when you will eat anything you want, for me that day is Sunday because I don't train at Sunday and I just love to relax, eat, and rest my body and head from dieting and working out every day.

That day also will have more benefits than bad things for you and your diet.



Well, when you are on diet, your metabolism starts to work slowly, so, for better progress in the future, you need to fast them up somehow.

If you eat 6.5 days (30+ meals per week) healthy and balanced, one big meal with junk food will not kill you, actually, it will literally "shock" your metabolism and it will start to work faster.

With metabolism boost, there also comes psychic satisfaction what is also important for staying on track and to achieve your goals better. It's hard to always be focused on goals without giving yourself some rest, cheat meals give you the power to do it without some big bad results.

When is the best time to have cheat meals?

When you feel it! That's right, but just make sure that is not already after 3-4 days after last cheat meal. My opinion is that you can do cheat meals every 7-10 days, but you really need to follow your diet on other days.
You are not allowed to have cheat meals at Sunday just because it is Sunday... It' is Sunday, but what about that hamburger and fries from Wednesday when you were out with friends?

The further effect of long low calorie intake is the increase in cortisol concentration (catabolic hormone), which leads to increased muscle decompression.


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