Busy Score Jumps to 61, Steemit Wallet at 25, Steemd at 52 | What's Going On?

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After a loooong gap of over three weeks, finally my Steemit Reputation Score moved from 51.9 to 52. This was the longest I had to wait for a 0.1 jump. Though as I logged into my Busy account today morning, I saw a sudden jump of 9 absolute points.

My reputation score had gone past the 60 level. I showed my Rep Score at 61
Busy Score -61

So I checked Steemd after a long time an it showed my score at 52. Then I saw Steemit and it showed my score as 51. However, as I woke up in the morning it has moved to 52 clandestinely.

But the Wallet Score is still showing as 25.

Wallet Score - 25

Anyone else facing similar issues?

Out of curiosity, are they just going to mess up with our scores or are they going to bump up our Wallet Holdings too? I hope my wallet holdings too jump from $3.8 to $38.

A couple of zeroes tossed in towards the end wouldn't hurt either :D


Its good sign. Congratulation for this achievement.

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Haha.. 3.8 ka 38.
Correct one is on Steemd, Steemit or best is Steemnow.

Congrats. BTW how does the calculations go? Read few posts that say it depends on number of upvotes but then I can't seem to agree since that can just be purchased right?
M stuck on 55 ever since I started noticing it 😑

I really don't have any idea how this works. Though reputation means nothing because if at all it does anything that it brings upvotes that mean nothing :D

Even if we talk about visibility, there's rarely any discussion that takes off except for nice post , very nice post, good post comments :D

Yeah I am facing the same problem bade bhai since starting. But my reputation never jumps up to 50 or 60.

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