I'm BACK!!!

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So What's Up Guys?

Now I know it's been months since I last posted here. Honestly I'm not even sure how long it's been cause I lost track of time😅. There was a couple of school stuff which involved some competitions here and there and a couple of exams but as of now, I'm in a major break. Not for long though since I still got my General Certificate Exams (G.C.E) coming up in 2-3 months, but with this time I'm hoping to continue posting🙂.
So this time I wanna post A LOT! I'm thinking of uploading a post every two days. I'd post on Sunday, then Tuesday, then Thursday then Saturday, then Monday and on and on like that. Once in a while I might upload a post on successive days (if the inspiration's flowing hot in me) and I promise to bring genuine and heartfelt content all the time. Now, I'm not quite sure how you guys feel about my posts since I don't usually get a lot of comments but I'm just gonna judge by the number of followers that I have and take it that you guys actually enjoy my content. So I'm just gonna write(or type) about stuff that I think would be helpful to you all and things that I think could help solve a problem. So I'm hoping you guys stay alert and upvote the content you enjoy.

P.S: In case you're new to my feed, I'm a spoken word poet so I'm gonna be posting poetry that talks about different areas of life and RANDOM INFO!: I'm a gamer. By heart mostly since I'm still trying to get money for a console. But I might post my opinion on new games along with some gaming news that I hear about. And let's all pray for my consistency.
So, I'll see you guys in the next post...

Feel free to Hi! me up on Twitter and Instagram : @general_emzard

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