Passing in Chalana from Puerto Páez to El Paso del Burro - Venezuela

in busy •  2 years ago 
Last December I spent a week in Pto. Ayacucho Edo. Amazon for work reasons. On this trip that was made by land from the Edo Tiger. Anzoátegui, I had the opportunity to cross by another one of the channels of the immense Orinoco River; This time the channel that separates the Edo. Hurry and the Edo. Amazons.

I arrived in Puerto Páez Edo. Hurry from where you pass by Chalana to the popular Paso del Burro in the Amazon River.

I will share with you friends of Steemit several photos that I take with my Lenovo A369i Phone.

I hope you like it and be liked by Steemit Friends.

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