Holy Communion Service..First Sunday service of the year 2019 (St. Paul's Anglican Church)

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CHURCH OF NIGERIA (Anglican Communion)

Date: 06/01/2019
Preacher: Rev. A. Peter's
Topic: My Star Will Shine This Year(2019)
Text: Mathew 2:2-12

Its the promise of God that your star will shine this year as a child of God and men shall come to appreciate the goodness of the lord in your life.

All the normal abnormal things that has been in operation in your life shall be reversed this year to a positive form.

Your star will shine so mightily that men will come to appreciate you, for it takes the star of a man to shine for people to appreciate him (Mathew 2:2), and also it takes the star of a man to glow for men to be attracted to him ( Mathew 2:10-11).

The intent of God this year for you as a child of God, is that your star will shine mightily.

Those things that has refused to work out for you previous years, shall work out for you this year, all the closed doors of your wealth shall be open this year, as its written in the book of Joel 2:25, God shall restore you beyond measures this year in Jesus name.

When this your star start shining it will attract two things:

∆ Restoration (Mathew 2:10-12), Just as Jesus was presented with three precious gifts: Gold, Frankincense and myrrh, so shall your blessings this year will come in triple dimensions.

∆ Envy ( Mathew 2:3), even as those blessings may attract envies from your enemies, God will not allow their evil plans to come to pass in your life in Jesus name, amen.

Rejoice for this year (2019), God must cause your star to shine in Jesus name.

Editor: Njoku Friday N (Frank4Jesus)

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