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To move the mountains, to dig one another pit, collect the sea by a droplets, sing for three minutes without breathing, and much more for to find yourself!
If you think well, every day is a great self-search. It does not matter if you sip an morning cup of coffee, write book, create songs or clean streets from the autumn leaves.
But in order to be real self-discoverer, it is important not only to travel one other continent but also to travel out of yourself.
These are tips that are bigger or smaller about how to discover more and more than you can!

  1. The day of your dreams
    Create the perfect perfect day, which starts with just with opened eyes and ends up falling asleep. Plan even what you will eat, what you will meet, where you will go, how you will look, what activities you are going to do in your life during that time, even what your name or a pet you will grow at home.
    Describe, paint or otherwise show it.And! Choose three perfect day's activities and allow one day this week to live that day!


  1. Ten "I want'.
    Name the ten things you have long wanted to have, but unfortunately did not. And next name reasons that does not allow you to do this.
    And now! Forget all "but", and discover some more worlds within yourself.
    And yes, you often hear that "dreams do not become reality." If so, it does not be fulfilled not only the dreams but also this often heard statement.
    And it is said that "not everyone is creative." It's also a lie! Because we are creative as much as we allow ourselves to be such!


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