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RE: Connecting The Dots: Resource Credits Will Make STEEM A Lot More Valuable

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This combined with Ned’s post.

We could see RCs (Mana) sold on the internal exchange.

It is very imaginable that we will see a RC rental market come SMTs, or earlier even.

This would, much like EOS’s proposition by Dan some weeks ago, allow SMTs to enter the market without needing to invest in having SP.

The difference with leasing SP would be that SMTs can/could operate without also needing to reward much in vests and RC rental would thus be cheaper than leasing delegation. The owner of the RC would, at the same time, continue to actively manage their actual upvote value and reward, all while earning from renting RC out.

That separation of resources is a massive WIN for everyone involved. And for the platform too.


Thanks @fknmayhem.

That separation of resources is a massive WIN for everyone involved. And for the platform too.

I agree with this completely. It was a major step. We now have people operating on two different levels. RC and SP are not tied to each other specifically.

It will be interesting to see how the pricing changes. It makes sense that this could provide apps a lot more flexibility with a lower RC rate versus SP.

The other thing that just dawned on me, since I upvote, I theoretically do not have excess SP. If I delegate some of it, I lose out in that my votes are worth less. Yet, from what I can see, I have plenty of excess RC meaning I can delegate it without any penalty to how I operate on here.

The other thing that dawned... is the beauty of the new separation.

You can theoretically, and cryptically confirmed by Ned’s post, earn passive income from making RC available [on the market] without diluting your curation worth/value.

While in a not yet limited supply and low price feed world this isn’t too big a thing yet, in a more exclusive world this setup is both passively interesting and also a stimulus for active [curation] contribution for orcas and whales since they can then benefit curation rewards as well.

Addendum: bApps could for example use rented/delegated RC for discounted account claims which is rather expensive as far as I heard.

I did wonder if this might happen: an RC market.
It may well be the first test run for how SMTs themselves need to set up a market for their tokens, assuming they want them traded.

If the market isn’t created by Steemit Inc., it will be created by community members as soon as the delegation of RC becomes a possibility. Just like MinnowBooster did for SP delegations.

I agree very good explanation thank you!

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