Wednesday Walk Follows Monks in the Airport Bangkok Thailand

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This is the first time I saw monks in the airport. I did not realize this is common in Thailand. How else would they get somewhere far away?

5 ww monks square fitinfun (2).jpg

They are walking much faster than I am riding on a conveyor belt walkway

1 ww monks square fitinfun (4).jpg

Now we are past security and ready to go outside Don Mueng to Bangkok city.
10 ww monks square fitinfun (1).jpg

I think they are going where I need to be.
15 ww monks square fitinfun (3).jpg

They look lost like me.
25 ww monks fitinfun.jpg

Losing them...
30 ww monks square fitinfun.jpg

By the time I got out there, I only have this guy to see.
35 ww monks square fitinfun (5).jpg

My post today is for the Wednesday Walk Challenge by @tattoodjay. Go take a look at his post for a beautiful slice of Manhattan you will not be expecting. And you will also find many other cool walks other steemers have taken around the world.

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I wonder whereabouts they were going to or from

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

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I am Thai. I never see monks in the airport before I think it's common.

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Hmmm, this is lovely and cute!

Monks At Airport!

I love the scenes, lovely shots @fitinfun

Thanks @tattoodjay creating avenue for such fun.

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