Potato Update

in busy •  6 months ago

Potato Update

Those of you, who follow my blog a bit longer, probably remember my potato patch for this year.

This is the last update.
The potatoes are tiny.

This was the driest summer I can remember.

However, I still get to harvest some, and the potatoes are rich in taste and do not even need any extra salt.

Where's my busy vote :( ?

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mmmh, Kartoffeln ausm eigenen Anbau. Best!

DUH. That's why I stopped planting potatoes. I end up havesting barely more than what I planted.

I've pulled up one potato plant this year and what I have, although it is is not a lot like you, taste really good. I'm going to have so many apples though. I mean I might have to make a cider press :P

Why my Level going down, i don't understand. It very sad for me

Whatcha gonna make?


baked potato

Gran trabajo @felixxx con ese cultivo de papas, aunque sean pequeñas son sabrosas



Will get eaten without wire around the roots.


Great looking potatoes @felixxx! Isn't it rewarding eating from your veggie garden after all the gardening efforts? Well done. I found you thanks to a nominee of you from @mirrors

@felixxx, Good to see these natural pictures and literally speaking after watching these picture it reminds me of my village and for sure whenever we think about our birth place that gives great essence.

And yes, potatoes are awesome for sure and we have it twice or trice a week, and we intake in both fried and gravy form, and mostly gravy is preferred with the rice.

And we also growing potatoes, not much, we can count it in single digits, but it always gives great essence when we grow our stuff and then we have it, in my opinion that gives the completeness essence in life.

And nowadays people are stopping slowly to grow the organic stuff, instead now people are depended upon the Fast Food and other factory stuff.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Have you even made "twice baked potatoes"? 😉👍