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This is the state of the tomatoes on my balcony:

I have to water these twice a day on a hot day and that is very annoying.
Recently, I have discovered the rain gutter grow method.

It's been around on youtube for a while.

I like it a lot, because I can still use a 'natural' substrate to grow my tomatoes in, but I can have all the benefits of hydroculture.
I made this infographic to explain the concept.

If I plant tomatoes next year ( or anytime soon ) I will try this method.
I would use a 200 liter cement mixing tray as a water reservoir.
While thinking of this, I realized, I could have a fish in the water.

The planting season is long over and it makes no sense for me, to set this system up. I can plan for it, though.

For the fish to be comfortable in winter, I would have to keep the water above freezing temperature.


The water reservoir holds 200 liters of water. (998 x 690 x 470 mm (LxWxH))
Assume all sides of the tank are perfectly isolated except the water surface.

What type of solar panel would you recommend, to keep this tank above freezing in -10°C @ 4 hours of sunshine per day ?

Explain your reasoning :D

I will upvote good answers @ 100 % and maybe send some tips.

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Just put solar panels on your whole roof.
The power you dont need can be saved and used for mining.
You won't pay for any energy any more! ;)

van muy bien tus tomates @felixxx, en mi patio trasero tambien tengo una mata de tomate apenas esta empezando a hechar el fruto


@felixxx que le pones a la mata para que estén tan desarrollado y la mata es hermosa, la mía esta un poco fea je je y los tomates son pequeños

Interesante la idea que nos muestras hoy @felixxx como podemos utilizar todos los recursos que tenemos a mano para aprovechar,os de la mejor manera. Saludos

Iss mir völlig egal, wieviele Solarpanele du nimmst (Warum eigentlich nicht: je mehr desto besser?) - ich mag deinen Humor - das musste mal gesagt werden!

Hows the quail doing? Nice tomato plants. Its crazy that they are not falling over in the bucket. I have to use cages on mine.


They are hanging over down the other end.
Otherwise they would fall over, yes :D

The quail are doing ok :)
I will post an update soon.

I am going to have to try your system. My tomatoes are always screaming for water.


There is a ton of videos on youtube about it:


Thank you.