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in busy •  4 months ago

Some weeks ago, I went on a holiday at the Elbe and took a ton of pictures.
Here are two which I saved to post some day, when I feel lazy and still want to farm that @busy vote.

Panasonic Lumix FZ200

I know very little about photography, but the tele mode on this camera makes everything look better.

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Challenge completed :P Nice Barbecue Dude!

Das Foto mit dem Containerschiff ist schon genial. Ich mag solche Bilder auch unheimlich gerne. Sieht man hier am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal manchmal auch aber halt nicht mit solchen Containerriesen. Sieht immer total witzig aus.

Great photo, love the background

@felixxx, in my opinion the first picture holds an great essence and that is, essence of greenery, and this essence is most breathtaking essence because whenever we explore the natural places then it refresh our thoughts for sure.

And these so lively and pure green Grass reflecting that healing effect and i believe that nature can heal anyone if they explore the nature's gems scenes.

And in second picture we can see that something delicious foodie stuff is cooking and also it's reflecting as it's cooking openly and open cooking is more enjoyable for sure.

And when we eat openly with friends and family then for sure that will reflect as an Festival and we can spend some great times, and inturn that day can become an memorable day.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Das Foto mit dem Containerschiff ist genial🤗

Ich mag diese Fotos, wo man denkt, ein Schiff fährt über's Land ;-)))) Als Schleswig-Holsteinerin konnte ich dies häufig sehen... echt cool. Jedenfalls hat mich dein Foto daran erinnert... Dies Container-monster erinnert wiederum von Weitem an eine Festung mit Wachturm... hihihi- das Foto könnte ich glatt zu meinem #FotoGedanken nehmen ;-)

Ha, first thought the second picture was the first one zoomed in and enhanced:))
Where the hell is that bloody barbecue on that ship??

Las dos fotos son sensacionales @felixxx pero sin duda la que gana es la de la Parrillada BBQ