ULOG: The beauty of planting young plants like long chili

in #busy6 years ago

Hi #steemian #uloggers I come again to greet all of my #ulog friends, in an easy program to plant young plants like chili.


well this is one that is very easy for me to do just by planting seeds in parts of the land that I have expected to use hoes, so that they are shaped like irrigation.


So after I tidy up the land where I want to plant it, but apart from the first seed when I sprinkle it is now my turn to move it into the hole that has been dug and there is also I use the pulbet and sack so that it feels something different when it grows it will bear fruit


the difference between what I planted in a sack or pulbet with inside the hole in the ground, if we look at the picture above, the bright red photo is the plant that I planted in the pulbet or in the sack.


Whereas the rather dark one is the plant that I planted in an intensive treatment hole which is different from the one in the sack and in the pulbet which is very well maintained with natural organic fertilizer produced from cattle So the results of the chili were so amazing and very satisfying for me. Thanks to the #ulog @ulogs and #uloggerstv @surpassinggoogle communities and all the elements that were present here.

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