it turned out that the thief did not see the value but from where it was still stolen

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someone who feels himself the best has stolen steem from my account and SBD from my wife's account. this is the transaction history of theft sent via @blocktrades. the thief uses the services of @blocktrades so that the history cannot be tracked by the owner of the account. but what I know about this incident is not the work of a hacker but this is done by someone technician, soon I will know who the culprit is. why did I say this was the work of a technician, because a few days ago I lent my laptop to my cousin's sister, the laptop was where I collected SBD and Steem's coffers, the laptop was also used by my wife and my account and account my wife is still stuck in the laptop's browser when I give to my cousin's sister. my cousin's sister attended a university in jantho aceh rayeuk. he majored in art, it happened that my laptop had no Corel Draw application for design and other needs. My younger cousin advised me to take him to the place of technicians to enter the program Corel Draw. why am I sure it's not a hacker job? because the balance in my account with the balance in my wife's account was taken on the same day, only the difference between my wife's account was taken during the day and mine at night. it is impossible for hackers to take our account by chance with a person's account near us if it wasn't for getting access rights that were stuck on our browser.


indeed, if we look at the amount of Steem and SBD stolen, not a large number, especially now the price has dropped dramatically, but the pain is not in terms of selling price, but from the results we have collected so far with various obstacles and obstacles, suddenly there are people who just take the results of our work so far. what do you want to say now that rice has become porridge, maybe this is not my sustenance and this incident will provide a very valuable lesson for me in the future and be more careful in securing my financial account.
I will continue to find out who the culprit is and if one can identify the perpetrator and prove it not because of prejudice and suspicion but can prove that it is the culprit, then I will post it in steemit so everyone knows and he becomes an artist.