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Most people are if the opinion that when an opportunity is lost it can never be regained.

I beg to differ from this school of thought.The reason is because life itself is complicated and no human on earth can fortell what is comming to him next.This where nature cheats man.
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Opportunities have a way of rearing its head in various patterns as I have come to discover.a scinerio was I time i went for an interview and I got to the final stage ,we were told to do a presentation on A Process improvement plan for an agricultural technology firm.

I started by doing a research on the company, and I did a feasiblity study on there quarterly income, in a but she'll my presentation was the best from a number other applicants.
And to my greatest surprise I was told my age and experience was unfit for the job, and someone else with in his late 40s got the job.
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Six months latter I was called by this same company, as I walked in the human resources manager was happy to see me.
He further requested that I show him my presentation and they are going to buy the idea from me.
I was told to make myself available to a team of senior management level staffs and I will have to put them through the plan.
Three days latter saw me receiving an alert of 200,000 thousand naira.

Though as at then I was still out of a job, but the money was used to solve some pending challenges.

Life has a way of paying us back in our own coin as I have often observed .

Yes it us not always roast, but life has its own perks too.
An opportunity list can still be found if the person involved is committed and hard working, take for instance if you loose your chance of gaining that admission into your favourite school, you can always sit down buckle your belt and study hard.

But if you sigh and accept your faith the problem will still hunt you for a long time.

It is high time we change the way we reason , some furtunate people get offers on a platter of gold while some will need to struggle ten times to get the same offer or one less than that for effect
Positive thinking is the key, hard work is the solution, be courageous and stand your ground,then you will fulfill your heart desire.
Thanks for reading I hope your are inspired.

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