Salad and Scampi

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Salad and Scampi

We cam make Shrimps Salad at home. It is quite useful for health and delicious to eat. First boil the shrimp in salted water. Of these, give garlic powder. Now mix in a bowl of fish sauce, chili sauce, white vinegar, chopped chilli and sesame oil together. Now add Carrot , Onion and a little salt. Then mix boiled shrimp and garlic with this mixture. Very easy to make healthy shrimp salad.

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Shrimp fish are considered as common insects of water. Many people think again that this is just a gluttony meal. Shrimps of delicacy means taste of drinking water. But even if it is insect it is not worth it. It is very effective to overcome physical problems. Some of the possibilities of shrimps have not been known. Dictaped Crustaceans resident of North and South Coast around the world Low calorie dietetic shrimp meat is valuable for its fine taste, easy to digest. They are essential for men's health microelements, proteins, antioxidants. Shrimps give away our body's vitamin B 2 demand to about 25 percent. And the body's blood helps to increase hemoglobin levels, that is, red blood cells in the blood. This eliminates blood loss.

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looks so delicious 😋 enjoy 🦐 happy weekend


Same to you. Thanks , It was delicious

You're right. Shrimp is a very healthy food. But shrimps are very expensive.


Thank you very much

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