Wedding Party

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Wedding Party

This amazing guy had a plan to make wedding party in stadium. Finally they successed according to their plan. People have so much crazy idea to make wedding party, some people did in the mountain, under the sea, height building in the world. Marriage is the only legal way for a relationship between men and women in Islam. People can protect their character and chastity only by getting married. As the clothes cover the human body, do not let the nudity and ugly things appear, marriage also covers the blame and cruelty of husband and wife, and does not allow it to be revealed.

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Do we really need to married? Through the marriage of Allah, she created friendship, love, love, compassion and sympathy between husband and wife. Marriage is very satisfying by the marriage of husband and wife, the smell of mouth is very sweet, conjugal life is very happy, mutual conversation is very pleasant. Marriage is imposed on each other and responsibility for each other is fulfilled.

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The literal meaning of marriage is that of mixing, assembling or intercourse. According to Islamic law, the marriage of a specific male and female union is the only marriage. Marriage is a religious practice for social and sexual relations between a man and woman. Throughout marriage, there is a scope for families to be born, reproduction and inheritance.

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Through marriage, the man related to each other is identified as husband (husband) and woman as wife (spouse). Life associated with husband and wife is called 'married life'. Different traditions of different religions are common. Likewise, marriages are organized in various societies. Although marriage is primarily a religious practice, it is also a legal practice in modern civilization. The unauthorized sex is recognized as illegal and is a sin and crime referred to as adultery.

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You're right! A man and a woman should be married. This is the law of many religions.


Very good posts, good luck always in the esteem business

Soooooo....judging by your blue dodgers cap, you're a crip? haha