My absence from steem

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I used to be quite active here, and after a couple of instances of nearly dropping off and trying to hang on, I well and truly dropped off the site for quite some time...

I just thought I'd have another crack at getting myself into it. For some reason, there's something about this site that doesn't quite draw me back when life gets a bit busy.

Over the past 6 months I've had some significant life events, and I guess the period leading to that was very busy in preparation.

There's been some family health issues that I won't go into, but that's added a bit of responsibility for me to provide a bit of extra support..

There's been a new arrival, my second child, a son, was born in November.

There's been a career shift - I've gone from being an IT consultant, working for a growing company, to being essentially being self employed. I know have a registered company that I run and invoice my client and pay myself, so there's a bit of overhead there for admin required....

I've also been focusing on my health abit. My weight hit a lifetime high in December, so I started doing the keto diet and have since lost around 10kg (am more or less at an ideal weight now but I'd like to build more muscle mass and buy back some of my youth)

I'm still well and truly invested in crypto. Obviously the investment isn't worth as much now as it was at peak, but I haven't sold anything, and have recently been loading up on Bitcoin.

I also recently disposed of a major asset as it was getting a bit hard to service this as well as support a family on a single income...

So yeah.. life has taken a few turns lately, but it's all good. I'm still alive, and healthy, and starting to feel more optimistic with the direction of crypto which is probably why I'm back for the time being..

I'll try be more prevalent here but for now this post is really just to get the monkey off my back so to speak.


Congratulations on the newest little farqer mate. Great to see you back

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Welcome back, welcome to the little farq too and - do what you can, when you can here. It is a life complement, not substitute :)

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