If you're still a believer, now is the perfect opportunity to buy

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I've made many wild predictions in the past, and like many, most of those turned out to be utter horse shit.

So what I'm about to say now isn't a prediction - and it is borderline advice, most of which is based on logic, and your own opinion.


The following statement applies to STEEM, bitcoin, vertcoin, or any other cryptocurrency that you are keen on.

"If you are still a believer, now is the perfect opportunity to buy"

as I write this, Steem is less than $1, Bitcoin is less than $6500, Vertcoin is less than 70 cents. If I offered you those prices 8 months ago you'd have probably taken as much as you could afford, and at that time you would have been wishing you could have gone in with your life savings just 6 months prior.

Obviously the market has crashed and burned nicely since then, so the question remains - are you still a believer? If you are, do you think the market will recover, and that these prices we see today will ever be seen again? Your call....


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