FOLLOW 👉@f-steemit and WIN 10 SBD❤

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The only thing you have to do is
follow @f-steemit and write a comment under this post to choose the winner with steemwinner.

one winner is chosen when 10000 followers are reached.

Announcing the winner will be recorded on a video and shared with the followers.

Resteem this post to reach 👉10000 followers quickly.




Done follow comment resteem

The contest is interesting, hopefully reaching the target followers and I am among the lucky ones.

Success always and keep the spirit!

thank you @machroezar

you are great @f-steemit . What a great post !!!... I hope you will reached 10000 follower quickly.

thank you.

Hi, I love this kind of initiative, I hope you can grow up fast! thanks for share this. Good luck!

Good luck to us all.

Wow!!! This is an interesting post. After joining Steemit, this is the most attractive post i have seen because of free 10SBD. Am I really getting this 10SBD?

listo siguiendo a ver los premios jejejejejejejejeje

Interested post, it will be surprising because no one knows the date.

I have always been involved in this since I left a while ago but never won

That is allot of followers ... good luck !

with all the promotion I do, it goes fast.

I love this contest, I have followed u,resteemed and upvoted the post.

participando por aquí!

Activo en la lista de participantes!

Me anoto en este concurso! que buen premio amigo!!!

I wish I good luck reaching your goal.

Now this is a goal! Good luck!

Done, followed, upvoted and resteemed

Have a good day sir.

You guys are doing a great sure we gonn achieve our target soon

Nice Contest and price :)

Done... Followed comment resteemed.

followed bro !!!

Follow and comment done

😁😁 Great

Good luck :)

I have followed resteemed and voted. This looks very interesting especially for those looking for acknowledgement on the platform. Thank you for the opportunity.

Hope I will be the one who will get the 10 sbd hahaha 😊

For everyone that follows me, I will follow back asap.
I have no 10SBD to give out.

Follow comments upvote resteem done

Excelente concurso, espero ser la afortunada

Good Luck!!

Followed and resteemed thank you I hope I will win this contest.

Resteem, comment and upvoted

WELL, LET ME THINK what I can do with my 10 SBD❤... It's not easy. Here, in Venezuela, that is too much money... Oh yes, I know what to do... When I win, I will tell all of you hehehehe...

Por supuesto, te seguiré… y tú, ¿me seguirás? -- Of course, I’ll follow you… Would you follow me?
yomismosoy’s Blog

I'm following good luck

I also like @f-steemit I already follow you dear

Wow,good thought all done

great post.i wish i were win.

I'm following good luck!

Sounds awesome! :)

followed and reblogged by me!

Thanks for the chance to participate in this contest. I follow you

follow, up vote, n comment all done. this is my first comment on steemit ever. wish me luck...

muy interesante el concurso listo mi voto espero ganar

following, commented, hopefully u get a thousand followers and i win the 10 SBD. Win Win situation....

thank you contest

Nice iniciative, good job!💞

Nice post good job

I would like to be in the contest. Cant wait to win. @f-steemit

you are welkom.

Kiranya anda bisa mencapai target tersebut, dan saya siap memberikan dukungan..

Done. Hope to be the winner. The price money can go a long way to help me

follow done

I feel lucky and will win the prize, good luck.

Isnt 10000 going to take forever to reach. I need the reward now

i am doing the things to get fastest 10000 much i can

God bless you @f-steemit. This contest is wow just like manners from heaven.

Great ... Greetings from Venezuela.

Good luck to us and congratulations to the winner in advance

How true is this.

Done, hope i could be the lucky one and win this contest

Good wishes to you, hope you will reach your goal very soon.

Ok, count me in ;)

Have followed @f-steemit, a lot of positive comments and post as regards f-steemit. Am glad to be part of the movement..

Interesting idea.

I have followed you, upvoted you and followed you as you had instructed.

ready Done, followed, upvoted and resteemed ♥

Great work man....let's get you the 1k followers

ok lets go for it that we all get what we want 😉

greetings @experimentel

Nice post and innovation I do hope I am lucky

So this is part of the latest post?
Anyway, commented!

Resteemed to over 18000 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

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