Tonight I asked Bianca if she wanted to go the movies as a distraction and to relax.

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I must admit I was a bit restless the whole day.

Waiting and checking the state of the blockchain the whole day while it was not functioning (like a man possessed) drains the energy :)

The moment it came back alive I felt relief and after checking that it was all ok for hours (minus a few hiccups) I was done with it for a bit :)

Tonight I asked if Bianca wanted to go the movies as a distraction and to relax.

I like the cinema because I can't use my phone there!

We seen a lot of films lately (Predator, Blackkklansman) and the only choice was something called 'Crazy Rich Asians'.

Not something I would normally watch but I liked it anyway.

A simple yet fun comedy to get the mind of things.

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Yeah it's a relief, Mark. But why are Rewards and amount of Upvotes so small for everyone? Is that because HF20 is still sorting it all out ??

P.S. I mean heck it's over 5 hours since you posted this , and Iam in 4th position in your Upvotes. Unheard of

The voting power of most users was reset to 0%. It will take a 4-5 days to recover to 100%. Many are not voting right now to recover. Everything should be back to normal very soon.

Hello dear friend, I have a little jajajaaj is that I have been a bit busy organizing the wedding of some friends, and I am in charge of helping the couple in many areas, wedding cake, decoration and many other things, jaajjaj, but you know something, it's always good to go out and get a little distracted, and it's good that you went to the movies with Bianca, I hope you've had a great time. Greetings dear friend

Heard a lot about that movie Crazy Rich Asians but haven't got the time to go see it. People say it's a cool movie.

The last Time I went to the cinema, I went to see The Predator and it wasn't quite what I expected but the way the movie ended made us all anticipate a sequel.

At least we all know you are a steemian at heart.
Who ever post and comment today is a TRUE STEEMIAN.
Almost no pay or no vote.
Keep it moving and thanks for being there.
Actually your earlier post got me going.
Keep on postin’

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Mark @exyle I am glad that I can at least leave a comment now. I still think it might be a few days before I have my voting power back up...............

I haven't seen The Predator but a lot of people have said it is terrible. What is your assessment of it, @exyle?

@exyle Thanks for keeping everyone updated before and after the hard fork.

Wow, I can upvote and comment now.Enjoy your time dear.

When you have a moment please would you explain the new vote timing thing. Some are saying that you shouldn't self vote (which I don't anyway) within the first 15 minutes and some are saying you shouldn't vote for anyone within the first few 15 minutes.

It would be nice to know before I start voting again! 😊

Maybe you covered it in your vlog which I have yet to watch. Ignore the above if you did! 😁

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