The vegetables here are great (Brasil).

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Haha, a little while ago I got a comment by a user claiming that Brazilian soil is not great for growing crops.

Bianca saw it and proud as she is instantly proved that he was wrong (for her state at least).


All I know is when I walk in the supermarket here the vegetable section is fantastic and put any Dutch one to shame.



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Those vegetables look very wholesome. I love seeing them loose like that rather than packaged up. 😊


Packaged up?! What do you mean? Ours are like this in our markets too.... like all loose. Are they all wrapped in plastic at your stores?


We have both in our supermarkets @yogajill. But the loose ones are not in such large quantities as those in the photographs.


In some stores in Canada, the majority part of vegetables are packaged up, well it was like that when 4 years ago, but yes, they have a lot of vegetables that wasn't packaged.


Well here the loose vegetables are offset by the insane amount of plastic bags you get at the register.

I see 2 million carrots in this picture.

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest production of coffee and sugar cane, @exyle! Rice, soy, beans. In fact, Brazil has helped in these times of crisis to Venezuelans by sending many of their products! In your photo, the vegetables look fresh, so do the fruits. In Brazil there are varieties of exotic and delicious fruits. You should make a post with them. Some are strange. Have fun and take care of yourself!


Pitaia, cupuaçu, romã, carambola, are a fell different fruits of Brazil hehehe.
But one thing that I like a lot of Brazil, is the capability to produce the most amazing meats in the world.

That is some nice looking garlic! I am hoping to try to grow my own this year. My wife and I put garlic in pretty much everything we make. We have a local farmers market near our town that we love going to and the selection and quality is always amazing. It looks like a really nice market there and you are right, that is some awesome produce!


Great produce indeed. And the Brazilians love garlic. They put it in everything!


It has so many health benefits! Hey, I have been meaning to ask you... You have so many followers and you must have so much content to sift through every day. What are your favorite kind of posts to read?

What? Brazilian soil is not good for crops? Hahahaha!
For many countries, Brazil is the garner of the world, since a biggest part of our economy is moved by agriculture. Our soil is amazing for any kind of plants, since we have locals that are cold, like the South and hot like Northest, so we can plant any kind of culture here and I guarantee that will develop. hahaha!


Yeah, Since learning more about Brazil I realise the potential this country has. I hope one day it will all come out.

Hey Exyle, ill be in Rôlandia in Octobre 5. This city is pretty close to Londrina too. Will you still be there then? a meetup would be awesome. Cheers Ivan


By then I will be back home.


what a pitty! enjoy

Nice veggies!!!! Be neat to compare the veggie section in your home town and this one side by side. Especially if all that is grown locally. Rather than imported.

Looks like H.E.B., a grocery store, here in Texas.

The selection looks delicious. Produce is not always so appetizing here in the north.

Hi exyle. like me you get exited over the simple things. When I lived in Europe I missed the vegetables and fruit. You are right these displays knock the socks off all the shops back home. Funny as most of the stuff won't meet the EU standards as they are either too big or not straight enough but they are fresh and mostly chemical free.


Yeah, in the Netherlands they won't sell 'crooked' vegetables in the supermarket.

Well if you want more proof try the fruit @exyle it tastes better then in many other countries but from the looks of the picture it wont take long before you wonder of back to the carne section lol.


Man, I spend more than a year in Canada, and one of the things that I missed from Brazil is our Açougue (butchery), with more than 20 types of meat from more than 4 types of animals. That is really amazing in Brazil!


Yes! The meat here is fantastic.


Did you ate some kind of different meat @exyle? Like, rabbit or java? It is pretty common here in Sao Paulo, if you are in the countryside cities.

Man you love Brazil

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South America we are very fertile lands

So much choice and look fresh

Not only are vegetables and fruits beautiful and abundant ... They are of the highest quality. Those garlics look very good and big.
Beautiful photos.

A very clean and organized market to make everyone loves vegetables.

What a great vegetable market fresh, it really is beautiful, I can even imagine the smell of the countryside, the sweetness of the fruits, and the play of colors for so many vegetables and vegetables.
It's good that with these shots they can show that Brazil has the potential to export crops.


@anasudeidy, Brazil is one of the most countries which export a lot of crops, but not only crops, Brazil is the first exporter of meat in all of the world!


imagine more reasons to celebrate.

Vegetables are really useful to the human body very much
A very great article, my friend

howdy sir exyle! yes sir the vegetables look totally astounding there, both the selection and the huge sizes, I would LOVE to shop for them there!

Excellent photos, my friend and your trip to the supermarket showed us all that in Brazil, in fact, grow excellent vegetables and fruits. A beautiful view of the full containers. Well done! Thanks Mark

Bom apetite!

The dutch are on the cutting age of agriculture technology, I didn't think anybody could have come close

Vegetables is so healthy food for our health,

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Wow...that's a wide variety of produce and I bet it is all organic. Hopefully you bought a bunch of it and are currently juicing your way to better health 😁

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hahah nicely proved the veggies looks amazing there and fresh ;)

very nice phography You seem to have passed a wonderful day in the vegetable market

This makes me want to move to Brazil! Wow. This is awesome! Makes our selection Nicaragua look sick!